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The Story Continues: Announcing Version 14 of Wolfram Language and Mathematica

Version 14.0 of Wolfram Language and Mathematica is available immediately both on the desktop and in the cloud. See also more detailed information on Version 13.1, Version 13.2 and Version 13.3.

Building Something Greater and Greater… for 35 Years and Counting

Today we celebrate a new waypoint on our journey of nearly four decades with the release of Version 14.0 of Wolfram Language and Mathematica. Over the two years since we released Version 13.0 we’ve been steadily delivering the fruits of our research and development in .1 releases every six months. Today we’re aggregating these—and more—into Version 14.0.

It’s been more than 35 years now since we released Version 1.0. And all those years we’ve been continuing to build a taller and taller tower of capabilities, progressively expanding the scope of our vision and the breadth of our computational coverage of the world:

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